Rathbone Mansions
Historic New Orleans Hotel, Steps From the French Quarter

Michael McGrane

I am drawn to scenes that are a little off-beat, things that people don’t usually see every day. Costumes, musicians and abandoned or unique structures are some of my favorite subjects.
— Michael McGrane

Michael McGrane is a New Orleans based visual artist working in a variety of media including art masks, photography, painting, and digital art. McGrane spent his formative years in and around New York City, where as a neophyte teenaged photographer in the mid 80’s, he spent long hours at CBGB’s documenting the gritty NYC hardcore punk scene. Later he would make his mark with his own gallery in New York’s East Village and go on to curate exhibits with Swiss surrealist HR Giger and famed photographer Mick Rock, as well as giving a start to many other now well-established artists. Having also been previously employed as a sign painter, graphic designer and multimedia artist, Michael draws on many artistic disciplines to bring his photographic images to life. His diverse body of work has been exhibited in numerous national and international galleries and museums and featured in many private and public art collections.

Occupying a position at the crossroads between street photographer and documentarian, New Orleans based artist Michael McGrane aggressively captures the unique and lively culture of his environment. With an ability to freeze movement and expression, McGrane is adept at documenting the soul of a moment in time with a deep and passionate appreciation of his subjects. Exhibiting photographic works in large formats allows the artist to present the images with deserving impact, transforming larger than life personalities into two dimensions and welcoming the viewer into his creative vision of life in New Orleans and beyond. Preferring to shoot primarily in black and white, in Michael’s work the streets are a canvas and light and shadow are the media.